Multiply Through Redemptive Ministry

February 9, 2020 Speaker: Steve Boyd Series: Multiply

February 9 Bulletin

We continue our series seeking vision, inspiration, and implementation from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit for new ways to “multiply” God’s Kingdom. As we make fresh, new commitments as a church to become stronger as an evangelistic, missional church in our local mission field, what are ways we can offer redemptive ministry?

Many people in our culture are controlled by behavior, devices, choices, and appetites that they recognize as harmful to their relationship to God and to their life or family. We have the same challenge as Christians and understand the battle with single actions, thoughts, and words. Surely God expects us to use our transformation experience to help others overcome their sin, guilt, pain, and embarrassment. We know and have experienced that Jesus is the answer!

How can we better become a church known for recovery through Jesus Christ? How can we use our life experiences of being freed from the bondage of sin, bad choices, and addictions to help others become free through Christ Jesus? Would you be willing to give your time to minister to those that may not know how to care for themselves physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally? Let’s be a church that actively engages the community(s) around us to “multiply” the Kingdom of God.

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