Multiply Through Communicating the Gospel

February 16, 2020 Speaker: Steve Boyd Series: Multiply

February 16 Bulletin


Multiply Through Communicating the Gospel (Luke 8: 5-15)
We continue our series seeking vision and inspiration from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit for new ways to “multiply” God’s Kingdom. As we make fresh, new commitments as a church to become stronger as an evangelistic, missional church in our local mission filed, what are ways that we can offer a stronger evangelistic ministry?

In the Bible, we learn and know if we are to see lasting change in people for the glory of God, it will come through hearing the gospel of faith in Jesus and his sacrifice for our sin. How can we prepare to better share the gospel of Jesus with our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers? How can we use diverse approaches that are effective to help create gospel conversations where others can hear and understand the gospel?

To be a Great Commission church, we MUST grow in our faith to share a verbal witness of the gospel. Join me in praying that we would have a burden and passion for sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus! You will be blessed to hear the testimony of Cathy Carlson. See you Sunday. Bring and host some friends!

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