We believe it's important for our adults to grow together spiritually and relationally.

It's important spiritually because you are in an open and welcoming environment that allows you to study God’s Word. It's a place where you know you can discuss the Bible freely. If you don't understand it, you can ask others to help you so you can live out God's Word daily. People are at different points in life and in understanding the Bible. This is the best place to learn it because you are learning and growing with others.

It's important relationally because this is where people connect with others. You build friendships. Small groups and Sunday School help you connect with others and learn their names. You also learn to check on each other when one is absent. This is where the first level of care happens in our church.  When connected to a class, you'll always have people looking out for you and caring for you.

All of our adult classes are challenged to do missions and ministry together. We have seen through our own experiences how people continue to Grow Together spiritually and relationally when they Serve the World.

Now you see why "Grow Together" is part of our purpose statement. It's important to Love God. But He also desires you to grow together with others so you won't go through your life alone. Community matters.

Curious about what class you should attend?
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Classes and Small Groups

Our doors open at 8:45am for coffee fellowship.  We encourage you to enjoy getting to know  your church family together a little better before Sunday School. Currently, we offer regular, decaf and a house blend that will change quarterly.

Sunday School begins at 9:15am for all age groups.

Adult Classes

Joy Class                          Room 120       Senior Adults

Vineyard Class               Room 121 A    Adults 55+

Bible Truth Seekers     Room 119        Adults 50+

Quest Class                    Room 118        Adults 40+

SONrise Women's        Room 117        All Ages

Truth4Life Class            Room 218       Adults 40+

Equipping the Saints  Room 212      Adults 40+

Salty Faith                      Room 212     Young/Middle-Aged

Multiply                          Room 210     Young Married Couples

Fall Discipleship Begins on Wednesday, August 14 at 6:15pm

The Forge Bible Study      Facilitated by Darryl Wilson.

Jesus focused His time and attention on walking with God and making disciples. Shouldn’t we? In His wisdom, He chose to invest deeply in the lives of twelve men. He saw them, called them, taught them, saved them, then sent them into the world to bear witness to what He had done for them.

This five-week small group study uses featured clips from the new Kendrick brothers’ movie, THE FORGE, to ignite a passion for knowing Christ personally, following Him sacrificially, obeying Him willingly, and helping others become  disciples of Christ.

The world doesn’t need another strategy, it needs men and women who are devoted to Jesus and committed to helping others know and follow Him through lifelong discipleship.

Sign up in the foyer.