How Can I Serve?

Serving others is a major part of being a Christ-follower, and we take that seriously here at Simpsonville Baptist.  Jesus came to serve, not to be served, and as His body here on Earth, we continue as His hands and feet.  We want to minister to those inside and outside of the church, believing that leadership is only grown through servanthood.

There are a variety of service opportunities at SBC, and all of them are needed and vital to weekly ministry.

Serving Opportunities Include

  • Serving with children and nursery
  • Serving with the students
  • First Impressions ministry
  • Worship ministry
  • Leadership teams
  • Properties ministry
  • Evangelism ministry
  • Local service ministry
  • Discipleship ministry
  • Hospitality ministry

NOTE: Some of these teams and ministries are only available to church members, and some are appointed by our Ministry Involvement Team.

A good first step is filling out a Spiritual Gifts Survey.


Spiritual Gifts Survey


God has gifted you with an expression of His Holy Spirit to support His vision and mission of the church. It is a worldwide vision to reach all people with the gospel of Christ. As a servant leader, God desires that you know how He has gifted you. This will lead you to where He would have you serve as part of His vision and mission for the church.

If you are a member or regular attender of Simpsonville Baptist, please fill out this spiritual gift inventory. You may print it out and bring into the church office to Angie, or if you'd rather, you can open up the PDF,  save it, fill it out electronically, and email her at [email protected].

Note: please use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader in order to "add text" (or scoring numbers, in this case) to the document.

Sign Up to Serve

Thanks for your interesting in serving alongside of us! For more information or to sign up for a service opportunity, please click the button below and complete the form.