Become a Member

Membership matters, when it comes to the local church.

If you have been attending Simpsonville Baptist for a while, or if you are looking for a church home, we would encourage you to get plugged in and become a member.

There are many different reasons why belonging to a church family is important. Consider these three:

  1. Membership reflects what the church is.
  2. The Bible teaches covenant community.
  3. People need church membership.

You can read more about these reasons here, but suffice to say, the church is all about people coming together as a body to worship God and serve His purposes here in the world concerning the gospel of Jesus, making disciples in His name.

SBC offers SBC 101 membership classes quarterly, and you can email [email protected] to see when the next one is scheduled. This class gives you an overview of who we are, expectations of membership, how to better get involved, and more.

Steps Toward Membership

  1. You must be scripturally baptized, showing that a person has placed his/her faith in Jesus Christ. You can click here to read our beliefs about baptism.
  2. Transfer of letter - If you have previously been baptized in a Baptist church of like faith, you can become a member by transferring your letter of commendation from the church of which you were previously a member.
  3. Statement of previous profession of faith and baptism by immersion - You can join by "statement of faith" in cases where previous churches have disbanded and cannot grant a transfer letter.
  4. You must be affirmed by the church body - This takes place during SBC Ministry Meetings.

Membership is required for all leadership teams including deacon ministry, teaching/discipleship ministry, and administrative ministries.

*Some of the above material has been adapted from Saddleback Church's "Membership 101.

Biblical and Church Expectations

  • We expect church members to commit to worship together each week (Hebrews 10:25).
  • We expect church members to be involved in discipleship either through Sunday School or Life Groups each week.
  • We expect church members to be involved in ministry at least 4 hours per month.
  • We expect church members to grow in their financial giving yearly to the mission of the church.
  • We expect church members to live a life worthy of our calling as followers of Jesus in character, conduct and conversation.
  • We expect church members to grow in spiritual maturity and to intentionally equip and encourage others to do likewise.
  • As God leads you to relocate or to cease your attendance at our church, we expect you to become a member of another church within a reasonable amount of time.