We are very excited to be hosting a Revival November 12-15. 

Our Evangelist will be Jon Reed.  On Sunday evening Steve Ladd will lead worship.

Please invite your family and friends to join us!

Christmas Toy Store

Saturday, December 9

The Christmas Village Toy Store provides a "hand up" for Shelby County families who want to purchase affordable new toys for their children at Christmas. Rather than simply giving a handout of toys to at-risk families, we believe in empowering families to purchase Christmas gifts for their own children.

We will be sponsoring a Christmas Village Toy Store on Saturday, December 9 where families can come and shop for new  toys at a discounted price.  We are asking you as a church to help provide a dignified Christmas shopping experience for the families by purchasing new toys for the Christmas Toy Store. 

This year the store will be just be held on one day and will be for children from birth through 5th grade.  Jill Sowder will be leading the team.  Please save the date as we will need LOTS of volunteers to help with moving toys the week before, setting up the store, helping our shoppers, and cleaning up.